IOTA Reference Number List    

HL1XP  전성태   최종수정일 2012년 10월 09일



AS-001 VU Andaman Islands
AS-002 A9 Bahrain Island
AS-003 4S Sri Lanka Island (Main Island Only)
AS-004 5B,ZC Cyprus Island (Main Island Only)
AS-005 R0B Kara Sea Coast West group
AS-006 VR2 Hong Kong group
AS-007 JA1 etc Honshu Island (Main Island Only)
AS-008 JA1 North Izu Islands
AS-009 7O Red Sea Coast group
AS-010 A4 Zufar Region group
AS-011 VU Laccadive Islands
AS-012 JA6 Kyushu's Coastal Islands
AS-013 8Q Maldive Islands
AS-014 A4 Ash Sharqiyah/Al Wusta Region group
AS-015 9M2 Pinang State group
AS-016 7O Gulf Of Aden West group
AS-017 JA6 Okinawa Islands
AS-018 R0F Sakhalin Island (Main Island Only)
AS-019 9V Singapore Island
AS-020 BV Taiwan Island (Main Island Only)
AS-021 A6 Trucial Coast group
AS-022 R0Q Medvezh'i (Bear) Islands
AS-023 JA6 Amami Islands
AS-024 JA6 Yaeyama Islands
AS-025 R0F Kuril'skiye (Kuril) Islands
AS-026 HL4 Cheju-do Province (Cheju Island) group
AS-027 R0K Vrangelya (Wrangel) Island
AS-028 R0Q Anzhu Islands
AS-029 R0Q Lyakhovskiye Islands
AS-030 JD Kazan (Volcano) Islands
AS-031 JD Chichijima/Mukojima/Hahajima Islands
AS-032 JA6 Osumi Islands
AS-033 VU Nicobar Islands
AS-036 JA6 Iki/Tsushima Islands
AS-037 JA6 Koshikijima Islands
AS-038 R0K East Siberian Sea Coast group
AS-039 R0Z Komandorskiye (Commander) Islands
AS-040 JA6 Goto Islands
AS-041 JA4 Oki Islands
AS-042 R0B Severnaya Zemlya (North Land)
AS-043 JA1 South Izu Islands
AS-044 R0C Sea of Okhotsk Coast Centre group
AS-045 HL5 Kyongsang-bukto Province (Ullung Island)
AS-046 9M2 Pahang/Johor State East group
AS-047 JA6 Daito Islands
AS-048 R0Q De Longa Islands
AS-049 JA6 Tokara Islands
AS-050 R0B Sergeya Kirova Islands
AS-051 various Spratly Islands
AS-052 7J Okino Torishima - to be deleted in 2005
AS-053 HS Malay Peninsula West group
AS-054 R0B Laptev Sea Coast West group
AS-055 R0B Vize Island
AS-056 JA6 Danjo Islands
AS-057 R0B Uyedineniya Island
AS-058 9M2 Perlis/Kedah State group
AS-059 R0I Sea of Okhotsk Coast group
AS-060 HL4 Cholla-namdo Province group
AS-061 R0K Ratmanova (Big Diomede) Island
AS-062 R0F Habomai Islands
AS-063 R0B Laptev Sea Coast East group
AS-064 R0X Bering Sea Coast group
AS-065 R0K Chukchi Sea Coast East group
AS-066 R0L Sea of Japan Coast group
AS-067 JA6 Uji & Kusagaki Islands
AS-068 R0B Kara Sea Coast Centre group
AS-069 R0C Iony Island
AS-070 R0Q East Siberian Sea Coast East group
AS-071 R0K Bering Sea Coast North group
AS-072 9M2 Perak State group
AS-073 9M2 Kelantan/Terengganu State group
AS-074 9M2 Selangor/Negeri Sembilan State group
AS-075 XX Macau group
AS-076 JA5 Shikoku Island
AS-077 JA6 Kyushu Island (Main Island Only)
AS-078 JA8 Hokkaido Island (Main Island Only)
AS-079 JA6 Miyako Islands
AS-080 HL3 Ch'ungch'ong-namdo Province group
AS-081 HL5 Kyongsang-bukto/Kyongsang-namdo Province
AS-082 R0Q Laptev Sea Coast Centre group
AS-083 R9K Kara Sea Coast East group
AS-084 HL4 Cheju-do Province (Ch'uja Islands) group
AS-085 HL4 Cholla-namdo Province (Soan Islands) group
AS-086 R0B Izvestiy TS.I.K. Islands
AS-087 R0B Arkticheskogo Instituta Islands
AS-088 A7 Qatar group
AS-089 R9K Kara Sea Coast West group
AS-090 HL2 Kyonggi-do Province (Tokchok Islands) grp
AS-091 R0X Shelikhova Bay group
AS-092 R0K Bering Sea Coast South group
AS-093 HL4 Cholla-namdo Province (Huksan Islands) grp
AS-094 BY7 Hainan Province (Hainan Island) group
AS-095 R0Z Bering Sea Coast group
AS-096 VU Karnataka State group
AS-097 9M2 Melaka/Johor State West group
AS-098 TA Aydin/Mugla Province group
AS-099 TA Canakkale/Balikesir/Izmir Province group
AS-100 4X Israel group
AS-101 HS Malay Peninsula East group
AS-102 BV Kinmen (Quemoy) Island
AS-103 BV P'enghu (Pescadores) Islands
AS-104 R0B Kara Sea Coast East group
AS-105 HL2 Kyonggi-do Province group
AS-106 VU Minicoy Island
AS-107 HS Gulf of Thailand North group
AS-108 OD Lebanon group
AS-109 R9K Obskaya Gulf group
AS-110 BQ9 Tungsha (Pratas) Island
AS-111 HZ The Gulf group
AS-112 A4 Al Batinah/Masqat Region group
AS-113 BV Matsu Islands
AS-114 R0C Sea of Okhotsk Coast South group
AS-115 TA Antalya Province group
AS-116 BS7 Huang Yan Island (Scarborough Reef)
AS-117 JA1 etc Honshu's Coastal Islands
AS-118 9K Kuwait group
AS-119 A4 Musandam Region group
AS-120 5B Cyprus's Coastal Islands
AS-121 R0B Nordenshel'da Archipelago
AS-122 HL2 Kyonggi-do Province West group
AS-123 TA Icel/Adana/Hatay Province group
AS-124 A61 Gulf of Oman group
AS-125 HS Gulf of Thailand North East group
AS-126 HS Malay Peninsula South West group
AS-127 S2 Chittagong Region group
AS-128 3W Gulf of Thailand group
AS-129 BY7 Guangdong Province East group
AS-130 3W South China Sea Coast South group
AS-131 BY7 Guangdong Province West group
AS-132 3W Gulf of Tongking North group
AS-133 XU Cambodia group
AS-134 BY3 Hebei/Tianjin Province group
AS-135 BY4 Jiangsu Province group
AS-136 BY4 Shanghai Province group
AS-137 BY5 Zhejiang Province North group
AS-138 BY5 Fujian Province group
AS-139 BY7 Guangxi Autonomous Region group
AS-140 S2 Khulna/Barisal Region group
AS-141 BY5 Zhejiang Province South group
AS-142 R0Z Sea of Okhotsk Coast group
AS-143 BY7 Hainan Province (Xisha Islands) group
AS-144 XZ Tenasserim Region South group
AS-145 HS Malay Peninsula South East group
AS-146 BY4 Shandong Province North East group
AS-147 JA8 Hokkaido's Coastal Islands group
AS-148 HL4 Chollabukto Province group
AS-149 UA0 Sakhalin's Coastal Islands
AS-150 BY4 Shandong Province South group
AS-151 BY2 Liaoning Province West group
AS-152 UA0 Laptev Sea Coast West group
AS-153 VU West Bengal State group
AS-154 TA Black Sea Coast East group
AS-155 BV Taiwan's Coastal Islands
AS-156 R0B Ushakova Island (Russian Federation)
AS-157 3W South China Sea Coast Centre group
AS-158 BY2 Liaoning Province East group
AS-159 TA Black Sea Coast West group
AS-160 BY4 Shandong Province North West group
AS-161 VU Kerala State group
AS-162 3W South China Sea Coast North group
AS-163 R0Q Laptev Sea Coast East group
AS-164 R0Q East Siberian Sea Coast West group
AS-165 XZ Arakan Region group
AS-166 EP Hormozgan Province group
AS-167 XZ Irrawaddy / Yangon / Pegu Region group
AS-168 HL2 Kangwon-do Province group
AS-169 VU Maharashtra State group
AS-170 R0I Shelikhova Bay Group
AS-171 4S Sri Lanka's Coastal Islands
AS-172 R0C Sea of Okhotsk Coast North Group
AS-173 VU Tamil Nadu State Group
AS-174 R0K Chukchi Sea Coast West group
AS-175 VU Gujarat State West Group
AS-176 VU Gujarat State East Group
AS-177 VU Goa State group
AS-178 VU Andhra Pradesh State North Group
AS-179 VU Orissa State Group
AS-180 AP Balochistan Province Group
AS-181 AP Sindh Province Group
AS-182 XZ Mon Region Group
AS-183 XZ Tenasserim Region North Group
AS-184 XZ Preparis Channel Group
AS-185 3W Gulf of Tongking South Group
AS-186 YK Syria Group
AS-187 7O Gulf of Aden East Group
AS-188 EP Khuzestan Province Group
AS-189 EP Bushehr Province Group
AS-190 HZ Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Prov.) Grp
AS-191 HZ Red Sea Coast Centre Group
AS-192 HZ Red Sea Coast South (Jizan Province) Group
AS-193 HZ Farasan Islands
AS-194 JA6 Senkaku Islands  
AS-195 P5 P'yongan-Bukto / P'yongan-Namdo Prov. Grp.
AS-196 P5 Nam'p'o-si / Hwanghae-Namdo Prov. Grp.
AS-197 P5 Hamgyona-Bukto / Hamgyong-Namdo Prov. Grp
AS-198 P5 Kangwon-do Province Group
AS-199 VU Andhra Pradesh State South group
AS-* EP Baluchestan Va Sistan Province group



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