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 세이블섬 [ Sable I. ]

 캐나다 노바스코샤주(州)에 딸린 섬.

위치 : 캐나다 노바스코샤주

길이 45km, 너비 3km. 노바스코샤 반도에서 약 175km 떨어진 대서양에 있다. 동서로 길쭉한 모래땅으로 된 섬인데, 섬의 동쪽 끝과 서쪽 끝에 등대가 하나씩 있다. 이 섬은 부근을 항해하는 선박의 장애물이 되고 있는데 1853년 이후에 350척의 배가 좌초되었다는 기록이 있다. <HL1XP>

Sable Island is located 300 km east-southeast from Halifax, NS. The crescent-shaped, made of shifting sand dunes island is home of the wild ponies with the long, flowing manes and tails. It has also been a temporary home for shipwrecked sailors brought there inadvertently by the legendary gales that ocean floor, giving the island its reputation as "the graveyard of the Atlantic". Since 1853 there have been 350 recorded shipwrecks on Sable Island.  - CY0MM QSL CARD에서 -

Sable Island is located 44° North latitude, 60° West longitude. The island is 20 miles long, one mile wide and 85 feet high in places with barely submerged sandbars lengthening the island another 22 miles. The irregular and often violent ocean currents around Sable Island have caused drastic reshaping of the island over the past few centuries creating constantly shifting sand banks and the relocation of several lighthouses over the past two centuries.
    Over 200 officially recorded shipwrecks have taken place along it's shifting shores, with man more unrecorded ones giving honest title to it being "the most shipwrecked island in the world". It is not uncommon for old wrecks to emerge from the sand during storms, only to sink out of sight again.
    Most of the walking on the island is along it's firm beaches rather than the very loose and deep sands composing most of the island. However, modern transportation with the use of motor vehicles (ATV's) with very large balloon tires is making travel around the island easier.
    A famous symbol of Sable Island is it's wild pony herd which brave the fierce weather unprotected by tree or windbreak. The herd is under the protection of the government of Nova Scotia.
    Visitation to Sable Island is highly restricted since the island is an environmentally sensitive area, and is also now a center for major undersea natural gas exploration.










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