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  Juan De Nova Island (AF-012),     Europa Island (AF-009)



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     (FR) 1960년 06월 25일 이후부터 인정.


 Mozambique (C9) 와 Madagascar (5R) 사이에 있는 프랑스령 섬.  <HL1XP>



 Mozambique (C9) 와 Madagascar (5R) 사이에 있는 프랑스령 섬.  <HL1XP>

 Europa Island :   Europa Island is the largest of the Scattered French Islands of the Indian Ocean, with a land area of 30 km? It is a desert island situated in the Mozambique Channel, about 250 km West by North West of Toliara (Madagascar), half way between the East Coast of Africa and the West Coast of Madagascar.

Its shape is roughly circular, 7 km in the north-south direction, 6 km in the east-west direction. A shallow lagoon covers a fifth of the island on the North West corner (around 900 ha including some 700 ha of mangroves).

Flora includes mangroves near the lagoon, euphorbia on most of the island, filaos and coconut trees that have been planted by the French Meteorological Service.

Fauna is quite varied. There is a large colony of birds (frigates, gannets, terns) and large herds of wild goats. The island is also a migration site for pink flamingos. At certain periods during the year, there is an invasion of mosquitoes that make it impossible to venture outside after sun set. At a certain time of the year, sea turtles come here to lay their eggs.

Europa Island was already known at the time of the Compagnie des Indes and of the first French settlers in Madagascar. It is said to have been a haven for pirates fleeing the French Royal Navy. Two families from La Reunion lived there between 1905 and 1910, attempting to trade sisal and turtle scales. The main resource is sea products. Farming is very difficult because of the large number of rodents on the island.

Since 1949, a weather station is in operation. It is of high importance as it allows predicting cyclones in the Mozambique Channel, and to make sea and air navigation safer between South Africa and Madagascar.

Europa island has been established as a natural reserve (EEZ: 127 300 km?. <>








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