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     (H40) 1998년 03월 31일 23:59 UTC 이후 부터 인정.

 테모투  <TEMOTU>



솔로몬 (H4) 섬의 동쪽으로 350 km 이상 떨어져 있는 테모투 섬 (Santa Cruz Islands) 은 현대생활에 오염되지 않은 섬이며 활화산을 보고 붉은-털을 돈으로 사용하는 거래도 볼 수 있는 곳이다.
테모투 섬은 새로운 DXCC 룰이 1998년 03월 31일 23:59 UTC 부터 적용 (225 miles에서  350 km로 변경) 에 따라 H4에서 분리되어 새로운 DXCC ENTITY가 되었음.  <HL1XP>

 H40, TEMOTU ISLANDS (A New DXCC Country!)

 H40, TEMOTU ISLANDS (A New DXCC Country!). In a press release by Tim Totten, N4GN, the South China Sea DX Team (SCSDXT) announces that they have extensively studied the new DXCC criteria which will become effective on March 31, 1998, and have found/researched/discovered several potential new DXCC entities. The Temotu Islands, located in the South Pacific, collectively form the easternmost province of the Solomon Islands, an independent country since 1978. Because Temotu is separated by more than 350 km from the rest of the Solomon Islands, it should easily qualify as a new DXCC entity. The SCSDXT has teamed with the Solomon Islands' IARU member organization, SIRS (Solomon Islands Radio Society), in organizing a full-scale DXpedition to Temotu, as well as preparing the application for new DXCC status. The team for this operation includes members from four continents: H44GP, H44GR, JA5DQH, N4GN, N7NG, OH0XX, OH1RY, OH2BC, OH2BE, OH2BH, OH2TA, W6OSP and 9V1YC. In recognition of its new status, the Solomon telecommunications authorities have agreed to assign the previously unused H40 prefix to Temotu for all future amateur operations. This first Temotu DXpedition has been issued the special call sign H40AA. The team will begin arriving on March 21st and may be found on the air using their individual H44 call signs while making final preparations for the main event. These early operations--including all-band activity in the CQ WPX SSB Contest, will count for DXCC credit as the Solomon Islands under the current rules. At 2359Z on March 31st, the H40AA call sign will be debuted on the air, at which point QSOs will count for Temotu DXCC credit, presuming the application for new DXCC status is eventually approved.
QSLs for H44 "warm up" QSOs (for Solomon Islands DXCC credit) will be via the home call of the individual operators. The H40AA Temotu QSLs will be handled by OH2BN: Jarmo J. Jaakola, Kiilletie 5C30, Helsinki 00710, FINLAND. SIRS has kindly requested that DXers NOT send any cards for these operations via the H4 QSL bureau. OH2BN will reply to H40AA requests via the OH bureau after the initial batch of direct requests are serviced. Further details will be announced in the coming days.
ADDED NOTE: All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete unedited press release as an additional bulletin.    <Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 348   March 16, 1998>


H40, THE TEMOTU ISLANDS (Update). Tim Totten, N4GN, sent out three press releases throughtout the past weekend. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive ALL/COMPLETE unedited press releases as an additional bulletin. The following are excerpts from Tim's releases for our "Packet Radio" readers..... Tim states, "All systems are 'go' for the launch of the H40AA DXpedition." Team members over the past week and weekend were very busy making final preparations. Activity by team members, using H44RY, was heard this past weekend. As the team did an all-band effort in the CQ WPX SSB Contest. Remember, even though the contest effort will be taking place from the DXpedition site in Temotu, QSOs will count for Solomon Islands DXCC credit (H44) before 2359z on March 31st. At that time, the H40AA call will make its debut, and QSOs will begin counting for Temotu (H40) DXCC credit pending approval of the new country application. Temotu will qualify for separate DXCC status by reason of separation by water. The new DXCC rules, which become effective at 2359z on March 31st, change the separation criteria from 225 miles to 350 km. The Solomon Islands Temotu Province includes the following islands: Santa Cruz Islands, the Reef Islands, the Duff Islands, Tikopia Island, Anuta Island, and Fatutaka Island. The DXpedition will take place on the largest island in Temotu. The island is officially known as Nendo and is more commonly referred to as Santa Cruz Island. The H40AA operation will take place in a small village known as Lata (provincial capital). The H40AA team is sad to report that one of the original team members, Kari, OH2BC, will be unable to make the journey to Temotu. Kari recently suffered a fall in which he broke several bones in his hand. The team also reports two changes have been made to the frequencies listed in the original H40AA announcement (refer to OPDX.348). Please note the following new transmit frequencies: 160 meters (SSB and CW) - 1824.5 kHz and 10 meters SSB - 28395 kHz. The team has received another call sign, H44DX, to be used from Honiara, the Solomon Islands' capital, as the DXpedition operators pass through on their way to and from Temotu. This callsign (H44DX) may be heard on the air before, after, and even during the H40AA operation. H40AA will hit the air waves at 2359z, March 31st, and will continue through the early hours (UTC) of April 13th. Normally, three stations will be in service at any given time. For the first several days, two stations will run almost exclusively SSB--primarily on 20 and 15 meters. During this time, the third station will concentrate on CW, emphasizing 40 meters at night and 17 meters during the day. Beginning April 6th, the emphasis will change to CW operation, paying more attention to the other bands. RTTY operation will begin on April 8th, and will be limited to 15 and 20 meters. The H40AA team would like to emphasize that they intend to stick to the basic plan outlined above. In this way, all DXers will be given the maximum opportunity to make at least one QSO with this 'new one' during the early days of the operation.

Lastly, remember, H44RY and H44DX QSOs count for Solomon Islands credit, while H40AA QSOs will count for the new Temotu Islands DXCC entity, pending approval of the application. QSL H44RY via OH1RY. QSL H40AA and H44DX via OH2BN. Also, the H40AA DXpedition Web Site is now available at the following URL: http://www.iglou.com/n4gn/h40aa/     <Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 350 March 30, 1998>












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