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 대서양 북부,  아이슬란(EI)와 셰틀랜드 제도 중간에 있는 덴마크령(領)  제도로서  21개의 화산섬으로 이루어져 있으며 그 중 17개 섬에 사람이 살고 있다. 토르스하운이 있는 스트뢰뫼섬과 그 북쪽의 외스테뢰섬이 주요 섬이다.

1380년에 노르웨이로부터 덴마크로 이관되었는데 1948년 광범위한 자치권을 획득하였다.



 Eysturoy is the second biggest island of the Faroe group. Its name means "East Island". It is 286 sqkm large and has about 10.000 inhabitants. Half of them lives in small but very beautiful cottages at the Skalafjord. The highest mountain is the Slaettaratindur (882m a.s.l.).

For tourists this island offers a lonesome landscape preserving the original nature with many trekking possibilities and several curiosities from the past. The man who is said to have settled on the island first was Grimur Kamban in 825. He founded the town Funningur which has one of those curiosities. About 3m off the coast there are a few big rocks which move with every little wave. It is said that these are pirate vessels which were transformed to rocks by witchcraft.

Amateur radio: This island belongs to Faroes, prefix OY.









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