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 Fernando De Noronha  페르난도 데 노로냐


This island group is situated at 3°51' South and 32°25' West in the Atlantic Ocean approx. 345 km from the mainland. It's made up by 21 islands and rocks (e.g. Cabeluda, Leao, Rata, Sao Jose, Sela Gineta, Viuva) formed about two million years ago.

The main island is about 9 km long and at its maximum 3.5 km wide. About 1700 inhabitants are living on 17 square km today. The tropical climate typically has two seasons: the rainy season is from January till August, the driest month is October. Average temperature is 25° Celsius not varying very much and the humidity is relatively high at about 81%.

The archipelago was discovered and named "Ilha da Quaresma" by Gaspar de Lemos, captain of Cabral's support ship on Jun 24, 1500. Other sources say Fernao de Loronha discovered this island group on his expedition 1502-1503. The first confirmed description is made by Americo Vespucci. Dom Manuel I donated him the group Fernao de Loronha on Feb 16, 1504. After several changing owners the archipelago came to Brasil and became a state prison in 1837. In the early 20th century the English, French and Italians built their telegraphy sea cables here.

Fernando De Noronha is one of the most beautiful islands on this planet and is therefore a natural reservate. A few little hotels offer their rooms but there are only 420 tourists allowed per day. Amateur radio: PY0, own DXCC entity, many DXpeditions.   <DX-NL 1235 - March 12, 2001>









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