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 Trindade는 브라질 (PY) 동쪽에서 950 km 떨어진 대서양에 위치한 브라질령 섬으로 1559년 폴투갈 선원에 의해 발견이 되었다.  <HL1XP>

Trindade is located in the South Atlantic Ocean about 950 km East of Brasil. The steep island is about 8.5 sqkm large and 595m high and covered with small trees and bushes.

The Portuguese sailor Belchior de Carvallo discovered Trindade in 1559 and built a house on the North shore two years later. In 1750 the island was ambushed by pirates who were dispelled by the Portuguese in 1756. The owner- ship was given back and forth several times between England, Portugal and Holland until 1850. Between 1924 and 1926 this very remote island was used as a prison island but the construction of a scientific station was finished in 1927 and the island was declared a National Reservate. Since 1952 the island is administered by the Brasilian Navy which is running a military research base there. They are issuing only very few visiting permissions.

Amateur radio: Prefix PY0T, own DXCC entity, IOTA SA-010, DIB 065. At the moment Trindade and Martin Vaz are ranking 41 on the ARRL Most Needed DXCC list.   <DX-NL 1255 August 7, 2001>





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