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 세이셸  <Seychelles>

 인도양 서부에 있는 약 115개의 섬으로 이루어진 나라로서 정식명칭은 세이셸공화국(Republic of Seychelles) 이다.
1903년 세이셸은 모리셔스와 분리하여 영국 직할식민지가 되고, 70년에는 대폭적인 자치권을 획득하여 1976년 6월 세이셸공화국으로서 독립하였다.  



 The 115 islands of the Seychelles are covering an area of approximately one million sqkm North of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The land area of all islands together measures only 454 sqkm. Mahe is the main island and is situated at 4 deg 40' North and 55 deg 30' East. In 1998 the republic had some 79.000 inhabitants with 60.000 of them living in the capital Victoria.

The Seychelles are made up of several island groups. The central Granitic group consists of 41 islands including Mahe and La Digue (AF-024), other islands are Aldabra (EU-025), Amirante (AF-033), Cosmoledo (AF-026) and Farquhar (AF-035). Nowadays they seem to be perfect tropical islands with booming tourism and many hotels with their achitecture perfectly fitting into the landscape. A wellknown souvenir is the Coco de Mer, a special coco- nut whose erotic form is the origin for many legends.

The islands were a French colony from 1756-1794, then became British and belonged to Mauritius. In 1903 they became an autonomous British colony and finally they became independent in 1976. Prior to 1756 the Seychelles like many other islands in the Indian Ocean were home to numbers of pirates. The notorious pirate La Buse (Bussard) aka Oliver Le Vasseur is said to have buried a legendary treasure in the Bel Ombre bay on Mahe.

Amateur radio: prefix S7, own DXCC entity, not listed in the actual MOST WANTED DXCC LIST of the ARRL. A few islands were own DXCC entities until Jun 28, 1976: Aldabra (VQ9/A), Desroches (VQ9/D) and Farquhar (VQ9/F). Time difference: UTC+4h. CQ zone 39, ITU zone 53.      <DX-NL 1268 November 7, 2001>












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