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 로드하우섬   <Lord Howe I.>

 호주(VK) 뉴사우스웨일스주(州)에 속하는 화산섬으로 세계 최남단에 있는 산호초로 알려져 있다. 1788년에 발견되었으며, 피서지·관광지로도 알려져 있다.


 Lord Howe

 Lord Howe is situated on 31 Degrees 33 Minutes South and 159 Degrees 5 Minutes East ca 600 km east of Australia in the Tasman Sea with Mt Gower (875m) and Mt Lidgebird (777m) at the two ends. The highlands are covered with rain forests. Close to this volcanic island are Balls Pyramid and the uninhabited Admiralty Islands. In front of the 11 km wide arched island the most southern coral reef of the world and one of the most picturesque ones is situated.

The island was discovered in 1788 by Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball on a voyage from Sydney to the Norfolk Islands. During the following years there were a few visits by some whalers. 1833 the first colonization took place. 1893 it was included to a steamer service, in 1947 this was substituted by a flying boat. Sincesome years there is an airfield for modern aircraft. The island has 280 inhabitants, the number of tourists is limited to 393 beschraenkt, a maximum of 25 sailing boats are allowed as visitors. There are all sorts of aquatics and nice travelling tours. The few cars are limited to 25 km/h.

Since 1982 Lord Howe is included to UNESCO World Heritage! Many traveller's guides describe it as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Amateur radio: Prefix VK9L, own DXCC-entity, time-zone: UTC + 10:30 hrs, CQ zone 30, ITU zone 60. Last time Lord Howe Island was listed 1979 for the 100 Most wanted DXCC ranking as No 89.

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