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 네팔 <NEPAL>

 네팔은 지구의 지붕이라 불리는 히말라야산을 가진 영광의 나라이며 이에 못지않게 석가모니와 연관된 즉 불교문화가 속한 건축물이 많다. 작은 나라이지만 많은 문화유산이 즐비한 나라인 것이다. 카트만두 분지에는 약 2000년 전부터 네와리족이 정착해 있었다. 4세기에 리차비 왕조가 성립되고, 15-18세기 후반에 말라 왕조가 번영을 누렸다. 이 시기에 카트만두 분지에는 대승불교를 비롯한 종교문화가 꽃을 피워 곳곳에 장려한 사원이 세워졌다.

인 구 : 약 2,212만명(150명/㎢)
위 치 : 서남아시아의 인도 및 중국(티벳트)와 접경한 내륙국
기 후 : 우기와 건기로 구분되는 아열대 몬순기후(2℃~40℃)
면 적 : 147천㎢
주요도시 : 포카라(Pokhara), 빌간지(Birganj), 비라트나가(Biratnagar)
주요민족 : 아리안족(80%), 티벳.몽골족(17%)
주요언어 : 네팔어(공용어)외 10여개 소수 부족어(지식층, 영어구사)
종 교 : 힌두교(89.4%), 불교(9%), 회교(1.6%)


 The Kingdom of Nepal situated in the Himalaya is adjoining to Tibet in the North and to India in the South. The capital Kathmandu is situated at 27°42' North and 85°19' South. Its area comprises about 147.000 sq km and is about half the size of Germany. In 1998 they had 23 million inhabitants with about 590.000 of them living in Kathmandu. The head of state is King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

Nepal has three different kind of landscapes: The Himalaya in the North with eight of the fourteen >8000m peaks in Nepal including the Mount Everest (Nepalese: Sagarmatha [Throne of Gods]). In the heart of Nepal you can find the Tarai highland around Kathmandu about 1000m a.s.l. The people here experience a subtropical climate. In the south of Nepal there is the Mahabharat Range, lowlands with a wet and hot subtropical climate. The difference in altitude in Nepal lies between 70m and 8850m a.s.l.!

Nepal has opened itself to the tourists in 1950. While there were mostly mountaineers and trekkers in the beginning there are more cultural tourists nowadays (almost 400.000 throughout a year). Surprisingly Nepal is said to be the country with the highest density of internet cafés in the world! Their national meal is called Dalbath which is a pilaff with a thick and spicy lentil sauce.

Amateur radio: prefix 9N, own DXCC entity, time zone: UTC + 5:30h, CQ zone 22, ITU zone 42. Rank 78 in the Most Wanted DXCC Entity List.        <DX-NL 1262 September 25, 2001>














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