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 후안페르난데스제도 (-諸島)   <Juan Fernandez Islands>

남태평양 칠레(CE) 중부 앞바다에 있는 칠레령(領) 화산제도. 총면적 182 km2. 1563년 에스파냐의 항해가 페르난데스가 발견하였다.

이 제도는 면적 93  km2의 마스아티에라섬(니어더랜드섬 또는 로빈슨크루소에섬), 면적 85 km2의 마스아푸에라섬, 마스아티에라섬의 남서쪽에 있는 산타클라라섬으로 이루어져 있다.

 Juan Fernandez Archipelago

 This island group lies 674 km west of the Chilean city San Antonio at 33 ° 37' South and 80 ° 45' West. It consists of the main island Robinson Crusoe and the smaller ones El Verugo, El Viudo, Isla Santa Clara, Juanango, Las Rosas, Los Chamelos, Vinillo and Marinero Alejandro Selkirk situated 180 km west. The highest mountain is Los Inocentes and 915m asl. The subtropical climate has an average temperature of 15 ° Celsius and a humidity of 76 percent and the raining season is between April and September. There are no paved roads, main transportation is done by boats and and mules. The surface area is 185 square km settled by about 600 people having their major income from lobsters.

The archipelago was discovered by the Spanish Juan Fernandez in 1574. By this time it was a popular hideout for adventurers and pirates. In 1704 the two English ships St.George and Cinque Ports exposed the sailor Alexander Selkirk on the island due to disobedience with only little food, a rifle, knife, axe, tobacco and a bible. He returned to London 4 years and 4 months later. When Daniel Dafoe heard of this story he decided to write the book "Robinson Crusoe" published first in 1719.     <DX-NL 1236 - March 19, 2001>














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