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     (FK/C) 2000년 03월 23일 이후부터 유효.

 체스터필드제도 諸島 <Chesterfield Is.>

 남서태평양 산호해 중앙부와 누벨칼레도니섬 북부 사이에 있는 제도로서 면적은 10 km2 이고 11개의 산호초로 이루어져 있다. 프랑스(F)령이며, 지금은 사는 사람이 없다.    <HL1XP>



"Situated in the eastern Coral Sea some 550 km west from the northern tip of Grande Terre, New Caledonia, the Chesterfield Group consists of several groups of islets and reefs scattered around the Chesterfield and Bellona Plateaux. Included in the group are the Iles Chesterfield (Chesterfield Islands/Isles/Reefs, Recifs et Iles Chesterfield) and the Bampton Reefs. The Bellona Reefs, 60 km to the south, are a separate formation but are often included within the Chesterfield Group.

A satellite image of Chesterfield Islands.

The Iles Chesterfield are the most well known group, forming a loose collection of elongated reefs that enclose a deep, semi-sheltered, lagoon. The reefs on the west and northwest are known as the Chesterfield Reefs; with those on the east and north known as the Bampton Reefs. The Chesterfield Reefs form a structure measuring 120 km in length (northeast to southwest) and 70 km across (east to west).


A map of the region.

There are numerous cays occurring amongst the reefs of both the Chesterfield and Bampton Reefs, these include: Loop Islet, Caye Renard, Skeleton Cay, Bennett Island, Passage Islet, Ile Longue (Long Island), Ilot de Sable, the Avon Isles, the Anchorage Islets, Les 3 Ilots du Mouillage and Bampton Island. "



 TX0DX ---> "The operation went QRT on 29 March shortly after 00.00 UTC. In six days of operating, they completed 72,654 QSOs. The majority of QSOs were on 21 MHz SSB and CW, as per the original strategy to provide the maximum number of DXers their first-ever Chesterfield contact. However, other complimentary bands and modes were activated sporadically, including 50 MHz with more than 2500 QSOs and RTTY with some 800 stations in the log. On the way to the Chesterfields, the TX0DX group made a slight detour to the area where intervening reefs are indicated on some older maps. The team was able to confirm the French Navy's documentation that the claimed islands simply do not exist. Thus, the 350-kilometer open water separation between New Caledonia and the Chesterfields is assured, and the concerns expressed by some in the DX community can be put to rest".  <8 April 2000, No 466 425DX NEWS>

TX0DX - CHESTERFIELD ISLANDS - TX0DX hit the airwaves from the Chesterfield Islands at exactly 0000 UTC on 23 March. Regular bulletins will be posted to the TX0DX web site at throughout the operation. The team has announced a new operating plan for the coming CQ WPX SSB contest weekend. Rather than the previously announced plan to operate on 15 SSB [425DXN 463], TX0DX will concentrate on 28.745 MHz SSB over the weekend. Additional SSB activity will take place on 12 and 17 meters, while normal CW activity will continue on the other bands. For QSL information see below.  <25 March 2000, No 464 425DX NEWS>








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